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My Queer Eye/ミディ・オノデラ
2023 5/19 Fri.


    日付 5/19
    時間 19:00

      会場 Venue

    • イメージフォーラム3F「寺山修司」
      TEL. 03-5766-0116

      Image Forum 3F "Terayama Shuji"
      2-10-2, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
      TEL. 03-5766-0116

      当日受付 Door

    • 一般700円/会員500円
    • 18:30より開場、受付いたします。

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  • 協力:関口太郎、富重聡子、高崎郁子、アダム・サザーランド、中西香南子、Iori Matsushima、Midi Onodera、株式会社ダゲレオ出版

  • The Bird That Chirped on Bathurst

    The Bird That Chirped on Bathurst

  • A Performance by Jack Smith

    A Performance by Jack Smith

  • Ten Cents a Dance (Parallax)

    Ten Cents a Dance (Parallax)

  • The Basement Girl

    The Basement Girl

  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows

  • You say rice, I say gohan

    You say rice, I say gohan


日系カナダ人の映画作家ミディ・オノデラ(Midi Onodera)の作品上映とレクチャー「My Queer Eye: カナダにおけるレズビアン、ゲイ、トランスの映画制作の個人的な歴史」を開催します。

Midi Onodera, Japanese-Canadian filmmaker will present her works and will lecture on "My Queer Eye: A Brief Personal History of Lesbian, Gay and Trans Filmmaking in Canada". Rooted in her own experiences as a feminist, lesbian, and Japanese-Canadian woman, Onodera has been active in the Canadian independent and experimental film scene for over 40 years.
She has presented various types of work, including narrative films, experimental films, Interactive DVDs and web productions, on themes ranging from the personal to the national and political, or language and media.
She has also documented a Jack Smith's performance, directed an interview with David Cronenberg, and produced several dance videos with the Peggy Baker Dance Projects.
The lecture will be about the history and the situation of queer film/visial video expression scene in Canada by Onodera herself, who has walked the path as a lesbian and a filmmaker in real time.
In addition, we will screen six short films from Onodera's many works, focusing on her early works.




The Bird That Chirped on Bathurst (1981) /3min.05sec.

A Performance by Jack Smith (1984-92) /6min.32sec.

You say rice, I say gohan (2022) part-1
- "False Awakening" /1min.14sec.
- "Shattered" /1min.14sec.
- "The Fool" /1min.18sec.
- "Churn" /1min.16sec.
- "Soulmates" /1min.13sec.
- "ZZZzzz" /1min.14sec.

Ten Cents a Dance (Parallax) (1985) /27 min.10 sec.

You say rice, I say gohan (2022) part-2
- "DIY" /1min.12sec.
- "Even Monkeys Fall From Trees" /1min.14sec.
- "Testing the Waters" /1min.15sec.
- "WOOF WOOF" /1min.15sec.
- "Meow" /1min.12sec.
- "Stepping Out" /1min.14sec.

The Basement Girl (2000) /11min.40sec.

Nobody Knows (2002) /3min.15sec.

ミディ・オノデラ Midi Onodera

カナダを拠点に活躍する映画作家、メディア・アーティスト。1980年頃から作品制作を開始。スーパー8/16mmフィルムからデジタルビデオ、トイカメラまで多様なフォーマットで制作。2017年 Governor General's Awards のビジュアル・メディア・アート部門受賞。アナーバー映画祭、ハンブルク国際レズビアン&ゲイ映画祭などでの受賞歴もある。

Canadian-based filmmaker and media artist. She started making works around 1980. Working in a variety of formats, from Super 8/16mm film to digital video and toy cameras, she was the winner of the 2017 Governor General's Awards in the Visual Media Arts category. She has also won awards at the Ann Arbor Film Festival and the Hamburg International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

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